The recommended way to get xterm.js is via a package manager like npm or Yarn.

You can either download official releases of xterm.js or arbitrary commits, which is not encouraged for production usage. All the production ready releases of xterm.js are available at

Npm and Yarn

The best way to download xterm.js for use in your project is with npm or yarn.

# Install with npm
npm install @xterm/xterm

# Or alternatively, install with Yarn
yarn add @xterm/xterm

GitHub Releases

All xterm.js releases are available as tar.gz and zip archives at, to download them manually.

Clone the Git repository

You can clone the xterm.js repository and checkout any arbitrary commit you would like to use.

We do not suggest doing this unless you are certain about your actions, as only official tagged releases of xterm.js are considered production-ready.

Also, make sure to manually install dependencies and build xterm.js after cloning.

git clone
cd xterm.js
npm install
npm run build

📣 ⛔️ No more Bower support

Xterm.js stopped supporting Bower since version 3.0.0. You should use npm or yarn instead.

Importing in your application

Next, take a look at the different ways of importing xterm.js into your project.