Interface: ITheme

Contains colors to theme the terminal with.


  • ITheme




Optional background

background? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:355

The default background color

Optional black

black? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:370

ANSI black (eg. \x1b[30m)

Optional blue

blue? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:378

ANSI blue (eg. \x1b[34m)

Optional brightBlack

brightBlack? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:386

ANSI bright black (eg. \x1b[1;30m)

Optional brightBlue

brightBlue? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:394

ANSI bright blue (eg. \x1b[1;34m)

Optional brightCyan

brightCyan? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:398

ANSI bright cyan (eg. \x1b[1;36m)

Optional brightGreen

brightGreen? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:390

ANSI bright green (eg. \x1b[1;32m)

Optional brightMagenta

brightMagenta? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:396

ANSI bright magenta (eg. \x1b[1;35m)

Optional brightRed

brightRed? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:388

ANSI bright red (eg. \x1b[1;31m)

Optional brightWhite

brightWhite? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:400

ANSI bright white (eg. \x1b[1;37m)

Optional brightYellow

brightYellow? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:392

ANSI bright yellow (eg. \x1b[1;33m)

Optional cursor

cursor? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:357

The cursor color

Optional cursorAccent

cursorAccent? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:359

The accent color of the cursor (fg color for a block cursor)

Optional cyan

cyan? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:382

ANSI cyan (eg. \x1b[36m)

Optional extendedAnsi

extendedAnsi? : string[]

Defined in xterm.d.ts:402

ANSI extended colors (16-255)

Optional foreground

foreground? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:353

The default foreground color

Optional green

green? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:374

ANSI green (eg. \x1b[32m)

Optional magenta

magenta? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:380

ANSI magenta (eg. \x1b[35m)

Optional red

red? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:372

ANSI red (eg. \x1b[31m)

Optional selectionBackground

selectionBackground? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:361

The selection background color (can be transparent)

Optional selectionForeground

selectionForeground? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:363

The selection foreground color

Optional selectionInactiveBackground

selectionInactiveBackground? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:368

The selection background color when the terminal does not have focus (can be transparent)

Optional white

white? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:384

ANSI white (eg. \x1b[37m)

Optional yellow

yellow? : string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:376

ANSI yellow (eg. \x1b[33m)