Interface: IBufferLine

Represents a line in the terminal’s buffer.


  • IBufferLine





Readonly isWrapped

isWrapped: boolean

Defined in xterm.d.ts:1558

Whether the line is wrapped from the previous line.

Readonly length

length: number

Defined in xterm.d.ts:1566

The length of the line, all call to getCell beyond the length will result in undefined. Note that this may exceed columns as the line array may not be trimmed after a resize, compare against Terminal.cols to get the actual maximum length of a line.



getCell(x: number, cell?: IBufferCell): *IBufferCell undefined*

Defined in xterm.d.ts:1580

Gets a cell from the line, or undefined if the line index does not exist.

Note that the result of this function should be used immediately after calling as when the terminal updates it could lead to unexpected behavior.


Name Type Description
x number The character index to get.
cell? IBufferCell Optional cell object to load data into for performance reasons. This is mainly useful when every cell in the buffer is being looped over to avoid creating new objects for every cell.
Returns: *IBufferCell undefined*


translateToString(trimRight?: boolean, startColumn?: number, endColumn?: number): string

Defined in xterm.d.ts:1590

Gets the line as a string. Note that this is gets only the string for the line, not taking isWrapped into account.


Name Type Description
trimRight? boolean Whether to trim any whitespace at the right of the line.
startColumn? number The column to start from (inclusive).
endColumn? number The column to end at (exclusive).

Returns: string