Xterm.js 2.4

In xterm.js 2.4 we are introducing a great new feature, improvements and fixes!

First off, let’s start with what’s new!

Now xterm.js will detect and WebLinks in the terminal’s buffer and convert them to a elements, which you can click to follow (all link elements open in a new browser tab by default).


For more information on this take a look at the corresponding Pull Request: #538.

☣️ Experimental

The new built-in WebLinks mechanism is not just for “web links”. We exposed a few experimental APIs that let you match custom link formats (e.g. local file paths) to make this suit your needs better. For more information take a look at the corresponding Pull Request: #538.

TIP: You can even register multiple link matchers and assign priorities.

🆕 Add-on API

Xterm.js now has a public API for importing and using it’s add-ons. Check it out at http://xtermjs.org/docs/.

Improvements and fixes

  • Send more accurate mouse coordinates (#556)
  • Hide the internal CharMeasure element from assistive technologies (#557)
  • Fix demo on Windows (#569 and #584)
  • Make blink animation work even with non-white colored cursors (#545)
  • Stop fit add-on from crashing, with a non-existent parent element (#544)
  • Fix “Autowrap Mode” after “Soft Terminal reset” (#541)
  • Introduce testing with jsdom as part of the WebLinks feature (#571)

🆓 Bonus: Coverage stats via coveralls.io

OK, that’s nothing special but now we can be easily aware about the testing coverage status of the repository and easily make sure to improve this rate as time passes: #565.

Check out the GitHub release for the complete list of changes in this release.

A big thank you to our contributors!

As always, this release would not have been possible without the contribution of our amazing contributors.

We would like to thank and credit all of external contributors for their work on xterm.js:

Xterm.js 2.4 is available on npm, bower and GitHub Releases as usual!