Announcing xterm.js 2.1

Today we are announcing xterm.js 2.1! Below you can find some of the most important updates of this release.

🆕 All-new scrolling API

In addition to line scrolling, we are introducing a few higher level methods, that give you finer-grained control on how much you want to scroll:

🆕 Terminado addon

In this release we included a new Terminado addon. Terminado exposes back-end terminals via a WebSocket protocol. To learn how you can hook an xterm.js front-end to a Terminado back-end take a look at our Connecting to Terminado guide or at the source code of the terminado addon.

IME improvements

We bundled multiple improvements to our IME support in this release, as it is one of xterm.js’ most important features. In more details:

  • Hidden textarea is correctly positioned when IME is inactive (#301)
  • The composition view is always correctly sized and positioned (#320)
  • IME position is correct and stabilized when active (#323)

Right-click, copy and paste improvements

Getting right-click and clipboard manipulation right across all major browser is a tough task. In this release we made some great progress towards this, with the following updates:

  • Fix right-click when no selection has been instantiated (#332)
  • Fix copy and paste on Internet Explorer (#339, #334)
  • Provide right-click copy and paste on all browsers (#342, #345)

A big thank you to our contributors!

As always, this release would not have been possible without the contribution of our amazing contributors.

We would like to thank and credit all of external contributors for their work on xterm.js:

Xterm.js 2.1 is available on npm, bower and GitHub Releases as usual, so go get it and start creating amazing terminal apps now!